The Obligations we make at Bunnies On The Green are taken very seriously by all members of the staff to ensure your child’s experience is as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.


We work towards developing early year education by utilising seven key learning areas.


"It’s a perfect place for kids to have fun and learn, I love this nursery."
"I love the teachers as I feel they support my child and he has become friendlier coming here. My son loves coming to nursery he’s excited to wake up and come, I like the atmosphere in the nursery it’s a great environment."
"My daughter is doing very well, I’m very proud, amazing staff. "
"My daughter is speaking a lot more now she is much more sociable playing and more expressive as she shows her feelings. I am happy with the nursery as they are training her for school which I love. My son has settled in well and is very happy he is learning new things every day, when my friends see him and listen to how he speaks and how much he is learning they want their children to also attend here- fantastic."
"My daughter vocabulary has grown and she has learnt so much since September, great friendly staff, my daughter very happy what she is doing at nursery she does at home, I am very happy."
"Exceptional nursery that provides excellent teaching for my daughter, the teachers are very friendly and my daughter enjoys the nursery."

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